ponedeljek, 28. november 2011


So many times before we have heard about this expression and till now we have never really understood what it means and we never really cared cause we were young and foolish and there were other more interesting things going on for us than politics and the problems of the world. But we live in this world wich is begging for change and it has been since we have been born and so much before than that and through the years of growing up we have tasted the bitterness of it, realized the way it is affecting us on a daily basis. It has began to choke us and disable us to live life free, fearless and with a sense of compassion to other human beings and the nature surrounding us. We need a change and the way to change it, is to gain power against the corporative machines and greedy elite groups who run the economy by politics through deceptive media and integrating us to the sistem and the way we can do that is to learn as much as we can about it cause the only weapon we have and can use against it is the knowledge and it is the only way we will understand what is really going on around us. We need to speak about the revolution out loud! But still the revolution is a big word that has a higher meaning from what we might think. We have jobs (if we are lucky enough) and we need to eat and surrvive and not everyone is able to surrvive by excluding himself from the sistem, we might say that it is almost impossible and stupid to think like that. But we should never let us lose the fight against what we think is wrong and the will and the confidence in what we belive is right and true. We can do a lot by starting with ourselvs and start the revolution within ourseves in our hearts and minds! Let's open our eyes for once and ask ourselves what kind of life do we want to live, what kind of world do we want to create for us and the further generations! Because we have the power!! We just need to find the way to use it!!

The documentary "EndGame" has probably been on the internet for some time now and many know about it already and it does not speak about all the problems of the world but it will show you a different point of view on how the world has been controled and the thigs that happen and that they happen for a reason. Enjoy and gain from it!

with love INxSANE

sobota, 22. oktober 2011

Touring the USA

Hello folks!

so we finally arrived in the good old USA. We kinda got used to the time difference, the weather, the dollars and  tipping the waitrasses for beer. Underneath you can find our american tourdates that we are going to do with our new american friends HIS DAY HAS COME. Right now, we are chilling at Chris' place in Treasure Island, DuBois, Pennsylvania.

This place is amazing. We spent a couple of days in New York before that, meeting up with Bostjan and Jaqui, fun times. We are rehearsing with our new instruments and this shit sounds good. Tonight on the menu: Bowling!!!

The dates:
23.10.2012 @ Fire Island, Haddon township, New Jersey, USA
25.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
26.10.2012 @ Pre Fest Skatepark, Tampa, Florida, USA
27.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, St Augustine, Florida, USA
28.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA
29.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA
30.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA
31.10.2012 @ Long Branch Saloon, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
1.11.2012 @ The Hungry Huas, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
2.11.2012 @ No Fun House, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
3.11.2012 @ Carabar, Columbus, Ohio, USA
4.11.2012 @ Rock Room, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
5.11.2012 @ 15 Shady Ave, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA
6.11.2012 @ The Cracker Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

See you at the shows! The first beers are on us!



nedelja, 09. oktober 2011

The Fest #10, USA and news, news, news!

Hello everyone!

INxSANE are traveling to the USA in a week. We're gonna spend three weeks after that in the USA traveling around with our new buddies from His Day Has Come. This is gonna be our first trip over the big pond, we are so excited. We are gonna be at THE FEST #10 in Gainesville, Florida on the 30th of October together with awesomest of friends: Astpai, One Win Choice and Despite Everything. Euro party in Florida!!! Fuck yeah.

Unfortunately we will not be bringing a new record to the States. We are putting out a 7inch split together with our great Greek friends Despite Everything after we come back home to Europe. Both bands are putting 2 songs for this record. It will be out in DIY! The way we like it the most! But we are bummed out it's not out in time for the US trip.

After we come back from the USA we will immediately visit our friends in Pula, Croatia to play the ANTI FA Fest over there. Can't wait, medica time!

We love you all very much, can't wait to meet you!


torek, 16. avgust 2011

Balkan Tour


long time no hear. We've been going through some tough times lately, now things are coming back in place once again. After the Punk Rock Holiday, we're relaxed and hungover, but fine. On Saturday we're starting our long awaited Balkan tour, check out the dates on the side... If we're around in your town, check the show out, let's sing together, dance, talk and have some drinks together...

See you soon!



nedelja, 19. junij 2011

Supporting DEATH BY STEREO this week!!!


as I mentioned in the post before, we're supporting Death By Stereo (www.facebook.com/deathbystereo) this week on two of their shows in this area. First we're playing with them in Millstatt in Carinthia, Austria on Wednesday (22nd June):
A day after on Thursday (23rd June) we're playing with them and our good friends from Marseille - Wake The Dead (www.myspace.com/wakethedeadhardcore) and the punk trio from Celje - Cops On Bikes (www.myspace.com/copsonbikes) at Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana in KLUB GROMKA.
Check out the Facebook events for more info:
22.06.2011 @ Bergwerk, Millstatt, Austria
23.06.2011 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Buy your booze, get your tickets, let's bang our heads, stagedive and have fun together!!!

See you around!

sreda, 15. junij 2011


Yes, that's right! A really awesome Friday gone by. Was so nice to hang out with Astpai after a while, to see the guys from You Know?! (too bad the band is not around anymore, they were ace) and just have plain old punk fun.

We were forced out of the backstage and spent the rest of the night in the YK rehearsal space, debating with a bottle of Jim Beam (or was it Captain Morgan?Hmmm...). Thank you to the great promoters of the festival, great bands, awesome crowd and the great dudes at Astpai. We love you.

Next week we have three shows!!! Check us out playing 2 shows with Death By Stereo - on the 22nd of June (Wednesday) we're playing in Millstatt in Carinthia in Austria and on the 23rd (Thursday) we're gonna play at Gromka, Metelkova Mesto in Ljubljana. On Friday we have a show coming up in Ribnica and we're madly excited to see our punk family from Golliwog again at the Štreka Fest!

There are some new festivals confirmed for early July and we're working hard on filling the dates for the Balkan tour starting in the middle of August. We're also working hard on getting over to the states, we're gonna have a nice little tour on the East coast going down to THE FEST together with HIS DAY HAS COME (so glad I got in touch with those guys, they are like the sweetest guys ever).

So, see some of you next week, I hope you have fun this weekend, we surely will. It's hometown blues this weekend, I am going to see Gornja Radgona's first ever movie: Opel B Kadett 72
Check out the trailer:

See you all soon!

ponedeljek, 06. junij 2011

Wow! What a weekend!

This was by far one of the best weekends we've spent in Slovenia in a long time. First of all, we had (too) much fun on our rehearsing friday in Vrhnika. Constructive rehearsals, bottles of booze, 3 skids of the apocalypse sweating their asses off, creating new stuff. It was really, really cool.

The next day, a bit hungover but still full of enthusiasm we went on the road to Maribor. We haven't played a club gig in Maribor for at least 4 or 5 years. It was so nice to see all the familiar faces, the guys we have been growing up with in the slovenian punk rock scene. It's been a long while. It was a pleasure to see that the boys and girl from Strike A Fire are doing an amazing job. Sounds like they're having a lot of fun in the new line up, playing fast, tight and interesting. Big thumbs up!

It was so nice to see that we've got a solid following in our hometown as well. There were 5-6 cars from our hometown and it was really nice to see them sing along and enjoy themselves. I am glad to see that the "scene" is still alive and kicking and that people don't give up that easy. We had a good show and had a nice after party, needles to say we all came home when it was bright.

This week we are going to play in Austria again, in Attnag at the Pfingsspektakel together with Dog Eat Dog (say "Isms" everyone) and the ever inspiring Astpai. So it's gonna be hugs, high fives and stage dives again. See you on friday!
Yours truly,


četrtek, 26. maj 2011


Hello everyone!

If you need tickets for this smashing event in Tolmin going on from 12.8.-15.8.2011 let us know, we've got some for sale. Contact us through: darioinsanebooking@yahoo.com with the subject PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY 1.1 TOLMIN:

Check the event out here: http://www.punkrockholiday.com/

As you see the bands who are playing are fucking rad and we're glad to be a part of it on saturday the 13th of August together with Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls!!!

Get your tickets now! Don't miss out! See you all there!

ponedeljek, 23. maj 2011

That was fun!

Kostanjek was great. Much fun, nice people and good wine. Thanks for coming to the show and for the support.
See you in a couple of weeks in Maribor @ Klub MC. We're gonna rock the stage together with out local youngsters Strike A Fire. They've got a new line up so we're excited to see them.

sreda, 18. maj 2011

This weekend!

What's up?

We're playing a nice show this weekend at the PIZDUN in Kostanjek. Saturday, 21st May at 21.00! Come and support if you're close by. We're playing with UN-BLIND and Before The Murder, both great bands. Should be a lot of fun. High fives and stage dives!!!

See you there!!!

ponedeljek, 09. maj 2011

We're home! What the future holds...

Hello dear folks!

Well, we've been home two weeks now, rested and got back to normal day to day life. The tour has been great. It's been one of the most intense and rewarding experiences in our lives – rewarding in a sense like a cold beer is under a hot shower, hehehe. We got to meet so many old friends and made a whole lot of new ones, exploring new places and seeing familiar ones. There has been a lot of good times, fun, restless nights, singing, dancing, joy and friendship. We will miss all the faces we've seen during these 31 days of traveling around Europe once again.

At this point we'd like to thank all of you who booked a show for us, gave us a place to stay, fed us, got us drunk and showed us a good time. We are eternaly greatful to all of you. We love you all very much and can't wait to come around again as soon as possible. Biggest thanks goes out to Bezi and Luka for being our awesome companions on the road, best merchers and good friends. We've had so much fun with the following bands: Astpai, Oil&Water, One Win Choice, Wake The Dead, No Friends, The Ignored, Face The Fax, Amokachi, Elvis Jackson, Generation Gap (thank you guys for the awesome afternoon chilling), and so many more!

We are not stopping here. There are plans. Big plans. We have confirmed to play some awesome festivals during the next few months including the Pandamonium#3 in Koper, Monte Paradiso Festival in Pula, Croatia, Njoki Šklabfest in Tolmin, together with NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music and many more, the Pannoinan Challenge in Osijek, Croatia.
We are planing a Balkan tour in the end of August so everyone who wants to see us on a stage in their place, get in touch, we will be more than happy to rip a stage, floor, garage, living room near you.

We are also planing to release a nice and cool 7 inch split record with our great greek friends Despite Everything in the middle of August.

And now, the best news we've had this year I guess.... We were asked to play THE FEST#10 in Gainesville, Florida, USA!!! Hell yeah! We are going to the USA, a dream since we started this band 13 years ago. We will be a part of a 3 day fest in Gainesville alongside some of the best bands and friends that are around right now (Less Than Jake, HWM, Against Me!, Bouncing Souls, The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream and so many, many more...). Our first time overseas we will do a small East coast tour, getting down to Gainesville and going back home. So... We will soon let you know more about this and keep you updated on whatever news we get from over the big water.

Soon we'll have some cool shows in our area so be sure to come by if you are close. We will play Kostanjek @ Pizdun on the 21.05.2011, the Pfingsspektatkel in Attnag, Austria on the 10.06.2011 together with Dog Eat Dog (hey, we are suprised as well that those guys atill exist). Two awesome shows with Death By Stereo in Millstatt, AT on the 22.06.2011 and Gromka, Ljubljana on the 23.06.2011 ending the week with a show at the Štrekafest in Ribnica, SLO. So be there!!!

We've posted some new videos on this blog, some new pictures and some new posters. Soon, expect a big update in the distro section, cause we've got new t-shirts and shit... This is all for now, be sure to check back for updates as we are planing a lot of stuff.

Love from the boys,


sobota, 16. april 2011

How are you doin'?

Hey everyone!

we've come down to the last week of tour. So far it's been a blast. Austria, Czech, Poland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium were great. We've met some good people and some crazy crowds through the past 3 weeks. Yesterday was our France kick off show and we had heaps of fun. We'll be in France for the next 6 days, then 2 more shows in Italy and on sunday the 24th of April we wanna see as many of you as possible at the Tovarna Rog in Ljubljana. Last party of the tour! Bring your bathing suits :D

Take care and see you at the shows!


nedelja, 27. marec 2011


Well we started our little tour a couple of days ago and had a blast in Klagenfurt and yesterday night Wr. Neustadt. So many nice people and good friends surrounding us, feels like it's been ages since we've seen all the friendly faces. In Klagenfurt the guys from Generation Gap and Elvis Jackson, yesterday the Neustadtpunks... Just great. We're off to Oberwart today and tomorrow it's time for the Czech Republic. We'll be rocking the stage in Cafe na Pul Cesty in Prague. See you there.

We managed to fill up one free date on the 3rd of April and will now be playing a show in the Northwest Poland. Still looking for a show on the 7th and 21st April. Wanna help us out? Get in touch - Dario - darioinsanebooking@gmail.com or Máteja - insanebooking@hotmail.com.

The tour motto so far: PUNKER SAM, PIZDARIJE RADIM I BOLI ME KURAC! Thank you Pasmaters, this is gold :D. (For our non balkan friends - just google translate it from croatian into your language).

See you at the shows!!!

petek, 18. februar 2011

Dear Folks!

Hey folks!

We're slowly getting the tour together. We still have 4 day gap in between 5th-8th of April in Germany. Please, please, please help us out. We just want to play shows. You can get in touch either with Dario (darioinsanebooking@gmail.com) or with me (Máteja - insanebooking@hotmail.com). We are asking for some vegetarian food, some drinks, a place to stay for the night and some gas money...

We're also preparing new songs, waiting for new artworks from people so we can make our own little DIY workshop to make t-shirts, badges and stuff.

We are all excited to go on tour again, can't wait to see all the friends again, to share cool places again with people we like to be surrounded with. Some nice shows with awesome bands are gonna be super cool - can't wait to see our friends Astpai, One Win Choice, The Ignored, Face The Fax and meet new ones.

Take care and see you soon!