nedelja, 09. oktober 2011

The Fest #10, USA and news, news, news!

Hello everyone!

INxSANE are traveling to the USA in a week. We're gonna spend three weeks after that in the USA traveling around with our new buddies from His Day Has Come. This is gonna be our first trip over the big pond, we are so excited. We are gonna be at THE FEST #10 in Gainesville, Florida on the 30th of October together with awesomest of friends: Astpai, One Win Choice and Despite Everything. Euro party in Florida!!! Fuck yeah.

Unfortunately we will not be bringing a new record to the States. We are putting out a 7inch split together with our great Greek friends Despite Everything after we come back home to Europe. Both bands are putting 2 songs for this record. It will be out in DIY! The way we like it the most! But we are bummed out it's not out in time for the US trip.

After we come back from the USA we will immediately visit our friends in Pula, Croatia to play the ANTI FA Fest over there. Can't wait, medica time!

We love you all very much, can't wait to meet you!


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