sobota, 22. oktober 2011

Touring the USA

Hello folks!

so we finally arrived in the good old USA. We kinda got used to the time difference, the weather, the dollars and  tipping the waitrasses for beer. Underneath you can find our american tourdates that we are going to do with our new american friends HIS DAY HAS COME. Right now, we are chilling at Chris' place in Treasure Island, DuBois, Pennsylvania.

This place is amazing. We spent a couple of days in New York before that, meeting up with Bostjan and Jaqui, fun times. We are rehearsing with our new instruments and this shit sounds good. Tonight on the menu: Bowling!!!

The dates:
23.10.2012 @ Fire Island, Haddon township, New Jersey, USA
25.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
26.10.2012 @ Pre Fest Skatepark, Tampa, Florida, USA
27.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, St Augustine, Florida, USA
28.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA
29.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA
30.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA
31.10.2012 @ Long Branch Saloon, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
1.11.2012 @ The Hungry Huas, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
2.11.2012 @ No Fun House, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
3.11.2012 @ Carabar, Columbus, Ohio, USA
4.11.2012 @ Rock Room, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
5.11.2012 @ 15 Shady Ave, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA
6.11.2012 @ The Cracker Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

See you at the shows! The first beers are on us!



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