ponedeljek, 28. november 2011


So many times before we have heard about this expression and till now we have never really understood what it means and we never really cared cause we were young and foolish and there were other more interesting things going on for us than politics and the problems of the world. But we live in this world wich is begging for change and it has been since we have been born and so much before than that and through the years of growing up we have tasted the bitterness of it, realized the way it is affecting us on a daily basis. It has began to choke us and disable us to live life free, fearless and with a sense of compassion to other human beings and the nature surrounding us. We need a change and the way to change it, is to gain power against the corporative machines and greedy elite groups who run the economy by politics through deceptive media and integrating us to the sistem and the way we can do that is to learn as much as we can about it cause the only weapon we have and can use against it is the knowledge and it is the only way we will understand what is really going on around us. We need to speak about the revolution out loud! But still the revolution is a big word that has a higher meaning from what we might think. We have jobs (if we are lucky enough) and we need to eat and surrvive and not everyone is able to surrvive by excluding himself from the sistem, we might say that it is almost impossible and stupid to think like that. But we should never let us lose the fight against what we think is wrong and the will and the confidence in what we belive is right and true. We can do a lot by starting with ourselvs and start the revolution within ourseves in our hearts and minds! Let's open our eyes for once and ask ourselves what kind of life do we want to live, what kind of world do we want to create for us and the further generations! Because we have the power!! We just need to find the way to use it!!

The documentary "EndGame" has probably been on the internet for some time now and many know about it already and it does not speak about all the problems of the world but it will show you a different point of view on how the world has been controled and the thigs that happen and that they happen for a reason. Enjoy and gain from it!

with love INxSANE

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