četrtek, 31. maj 2012


After 22 days, 22 shows, 1 day off, 7,529 km, 135.4 hours of driving,1 getting locked out of the van, 1 Parisian road assistance,1 Czech failed attempt of burglary (our drummer came in the nick of time), 7 cartons of Red Bull (thanks to our new Polish buddies That's All She Wrote, Red Bull and their lovely carrier), 2 dentist visits in 2 countries, 1 extracted tooth, countless bottles of vodka, many sleepless nights and magnificent sunrises, myriad of new friendships, and plenty of stories to share, another tour has come to an end.

A sincere thank you for all the memories that will stay with us forever (even though it would be best to not remember some of them "grin") and memories we will forget (no matter how hard we try holding on to them).

A special thank you goes to all of the promoters, people who helped us in any way and all of you who have been supporting us in any way for the last 15 years.

With love,