četrtek, 13. september 2012

Hey guys!
So we're back from the ENDLESS SUMMER TOUR 2012 and we must say that it was a blast!
All our friends in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France have once again showed that keeping the scene alive means something and that the relation between Band-Promotor-Audience is just one big comunity in wich everyone does it's part to make our lifes better.
What stroke me the most was that everywhere we were, people spoke about the situation in the world and how things are messed up in every part of the world in it's own corupt and twisted way. And as I always keep on repeating myself, it is time for a big change in this world if we want to live a happy and fair life but first we have to look at our own daily mistakes and start the revolution within our minds and actions. So let's continue to speak about what is wrong and lets to something for that!

Also I'd like to thank the guys from PURE GRAFT(uk) for organizing the whole UK tirp and all the promotors who gave us a chance to visit their homes and to see this beautiful piece of the world, especialy London, Southsea and Swansea! You guys have obviously been to a point where a warm meal saves the day and you understand what it means to make a touring band happy! THANK YOU!

All of this touring would not be as fun as it was and it defenetly wouldn't be the exact music without the pedals that we lost on punkrock holiday 1.2. But we were very lucky that our friends in GLASBENICENTER ČURIN gave us a possibility to take new pedals without even paying them first!:) p.s.: Izi, I'm coming down to the store tomorrow to pay the bill:)) I am glad that they are interested in helping small bands like us and it is again that relation that I was talking about! People helping eachother and being fair!!!
so my shout out to all the bands is: GO THERE!! They will take good care of you!

There is more!!
We have a big announcement to make! 21.12.2012 is the date when we will celebrate 15. ANNIVERSERY OF INxSANE and it's funny cause by Nostradamuses predictions it will also be the end of the world:)
We havent chosen the place yet but what we know is that it will be in or around our hometown Gornja Radgona .
There will be two and a half hours of INxSANE music - all the old embaracing shit - with a lot of guests!
There will be food, drinks, sleeping places for everyone to sleep over and of course an afterparty with the worst DJ ever till the morning lights! And after that there will be a soccer tournament the next day for the ones who survided and the ones fresh from the bed.

Well all of this is still just an ide so we better get to it! And thats why we would like to ask IF ANYBODY HAS ANYKIND OF FOOTAGE, VIDEO, POSTERS, PHOTOS WITH THE OLD SHIRTS, ANYTHING, ANYTHING that would proove INxSANEs history PLEASE SEND IT TO: insanebooking@hotmail.com

Well this is about it for a little update! we'll keep you informed with the progress of the making!
Stay true to yourself and be good to the world!

nedelja, 19. avgust 2012

Endless Summer Tour

Hey all,

so we're back from an awesome weekend at the Punk Rock Holiday 1.2. It was a blast. Great bands, great surrounding, great folks. Thanks to everyone that showed up at the early set we played the first day, we really appreciate your support.

So now, we have a few days to chill before we step in the van again and take another stroll around Europe. This time we'll finally be hitting the UK again. It's been a while since we've been there and it was definately time to do a batch of shows on the Island. We are going to make our way to UK through Germany, The NEtherlands, France and Belgium. Can't wait to see all the familiar faces again and meet some new ones. The UK dates are going to be with the awesome dudes from PURE GRAFT (check em out, they're bangin'). We'll also be hitting up Kafee Aloys in Eindhoven and meeting the great boys from The Ignored at the Random Fest.

Take a look at the dates:
We still have the 10 inch vinyl split with Despite Everything available. Get it while it's still hot! See you around, let's have some nice parties together!



torek, 12. junij 2012

News: Endless Summer!


we've been laying low after the tour for a bit. Still not too low I guess. We played a nice weekend at the end of may in Kutina and in Novi Sad. Now the summer is approaching fast and the temperatures are rising. We are going to play some sweet summer festivals... First off, on the 5th of July, we're playing the OPEN SMILE JAM (http://www.opensmilejam.com) in Lendava, Slovenia.

 After that you can catch us at the PANDAMONIUM (http://www.panda-banda.org) in Koper, Slovenia - we're particularely looking forward to this one as its held on the pier in Koper, just a couple of meters away from the sea. We had to cancel last year so we are definately looking forward to making it up to the nice people at Pandabanda this year. Be there - 14th of July!
 As you might have noticed, we are playing this years PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY (www.punkrockholiday.com) again! Such great bands as Good Riddance, Anti Flag, Boysetsfire, Sick Of It All, MXPX and many more are playing so it's bound to be a hell of an experience. It's from the 15th of August until the 19th of August in Tolimn, Slovenia. We have tickets for this beautiful festival for really cheap, so if you want some, please get in touch through: darioinsanebooking@yahoo.com!

The best news by far is that we are planing a tour in late August and early September. We are hitting the UK. There are some dates booked but we still have days off to fill so if you can, please do help us out. We are a bunch of easy-to-deal-with punks and will play anywhere! Check the dates:

24.08. - Ajdovščina, SLO @ Baza
25.08. - Ravne Pri Cerknem, SLO @ KUD Zora
26.08. - Klagenfurt, AT @ Mozarthof
27.08. - North Austria - NEED HELP
28.08. - South Germany - NEED HELP
29.08. - North West Germany - NEED HELP
30.08. - Eindhoven, NL @ Aloys
31.08. - NL, BEL, NorthEast France - NEED HELP
01.09. - London, UK @ tba. w/Pure Graft
02.09. - UK w/Pure Graft
03.09. - UK w/Pure Graft
04.09. - Sheffield, UK @ The Red House w/Pure Graft

05.09. - UK w/Pure Graft
06.09. - UK w/Pure Graft
07.09. - North France, Belgium - NEED HELP
08.09. - TBA, BEL @ Random Fest
09.09. - NL, BEL - NEED HELP
10.09. - NL, BEL - NEED HELP

If you can help us in any way, please get in touch through: insanebooking@hotmail.com

Notice the dates in the UK are with our buddies from PURE GRAFT (http://puregraft.bandcamp.com) - those guys are amazingly awesome (and they are our kind of guys when it comes to bar manners :) ). We'll also be playing this years RANDOM FEST and meet up with our all time favorite belgian people and we'll be playing our all time favorite bar in The Netherlands, the Aloys and meeting up with the lovely and crazy Rabbit Punx Crew!

We'll also be setting up some shows during the summer so be sure not to miss those as well:
20.06. @ Klub Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana, SLO

03.08. @ Trend Caffe, Gornja Radgona, SLO

10.08. @ MK Čebela, Sv. Jurij Ob Ščavnici, SLO

So, the summer seems perfect so far, let's party together, see you at the shows and festivals. We bring the tunes, you bring the booze.



četrtek, 31. maj 2012


After 22 days, 22 shows, 1 day off, 7,529 km, 135.4 hours of driving,1 getting locked out of the van, 1 Parisian road assistance,1 Czech failed attempt of burglary (our drummer came in the nick of time), 7 cartons of Red Bull (thanks to our new Polish buddies That's All She Wrote, Red Bull and their lovely carrier), 2 dentist visits in 2 countries, 1 extracted tooth, countless bottles of vodka, many sleepless nights and magnificent sunrises, myriad of new friendships, and plenty of stories to share, another tour has come to an end.

A sincere thank you for all the memories that will stay with us forever (even though it would be best to not remember some of them "grin") and memories we will forget (no matter how hard we try holding on to them).

A special thank you goes to all of the promoters, people who helped us in any way and all of you who have been supporting us in any way for the last 15 years.

With love,

torek, 24. april 2012

We kicked it off!!! (Tour report pt.1)

So, it's the fourth day of the tour, so far we already played 4 shows... perfect. We had a blast in Zagreb with the amazing Declaration, Wank For Peace and Technicolor Lies and of course the small record shop show was cool as well. Thanks to Dirty Old Empire for letting us trash their shop.

So after the Zagreb show it was all about loading upa nd getting on the road as soon as possible. We had to get to Caselle Torinese very very early. After a 10 hour drive we arrived at a place in the nature where people were already starting the grills up and getting ready for playing the show. It was just perfect, old friends from the Torino area, Ste from No Reason Records arrived, friends even traveled from Bologna to get to see us play and hang out with us. Our friends Despite Everything arrived from Greece as well. It was going to be our first show together on this tour. The bands were good, the atmosphere was even better. Soon roof dives started and everything was falling into place.

We played a nice set and had a great time while doing it. It was amazing to see people singing along and having fun. After the show we went to sleepo over and the next morning it was off to Saint Etienne for the first french show of the tour. We played with the swedish Terrible Feelings and our greek compadres. The show was nice, fitting for a lazy monday evening. We had an amazing dinner and a good show after we went to the Punkhouse in the centre of SE to sleep. The place is cool. A punk community and a really nice house.

Today we're off to Chambery.  Culture'n'Punk guys here we come!

sreda, 18. april 2012

Tour starts in a couple of days!

We started packing our things, had our last rehearsals today and in a couple of days we will be on the road again! Check out this awesome poster Zahos from Despite Everything made!

04.21.12 - HR - Zagreb@Attack
04.22.12 - IT - Caselle Torinese@Rock In Farm w/ DxE
04.23.12 - FR - St. Etienne@L'assommoir w/ DxE
04.24.12 - FR - Chambery@Brin De Zinc w/ DxE
04.25.12 - FR – Paris@Le Rigoletto w/ DxE
04.26.12 - FR - Tours@The Choupi Fest w/ DxE
04.27.12 - BE - Brussels@Kiko Phonie w/ DxE
04.28.12 - D - Hamburg@GartenKunstNetz w/ DxE
04.29.12 - D - Manheim @TBA. w/ DxE
04.30.12 - D - Langenau@Kaos Keller w/ DxE
05.01.12 - D - Berlin@TBA. w/ DxE
05.02.12 - PL - Swinoujscie@Jaz Club
05.03.12 - PL - Wielun@Crash
05.04.12 - PL - Szczytno@Pompa
05.05.12 - PL - Lipowo@Punx Picknik
05.06.12 - PL - Lodz@Miejsce
05.07.12 - CZ - Praha@Cafe na Pul Cesti
05.08.12 - CZ - Ostrava@Plan B Hardcore Cafe
05.09.12 - A - WR. Neustadt@Triebwerk w/ DxE
05.10.12 - A - Graz@Sub
05.11.12 - SLO - Maribor@Mc Pekarna
05.12.12 - SLO - Murska Sobota@Mikk

New songs, new record, new merch, same old three (grown up) kids from Gornja Radgona, Slovenia.

petek, 06. april 2012

Vinyls are here!

Hey y'all!

The vinyls arrived at our house yesterday... They look awesome!

Official release date is 20th of April through all these labels:








Get your pre-orders in from your closest label and get it!

Here's the ecard from our favorite italian friends of No Reason Records for the split:

And here is the e-store of big brother at MoonLee Records for all of you in the Balkans:

Check it, check it!!!

Also check out the new t-shirt designs we are bringing on tour! Thanks to xDUDEofDEATHx (https://www.facebook.com/XDUDEOFDEATHX):

See you soon at the shows.



sreda, 21. marec 2012

News, Gloriuos News

Damn. It's beena while again since we said what's going on in the INxSANE band camp... Well, first things first... we're still playing. We had an awesome show a couple of weeks ago with Burning Heads and The Rebel Assholes in the legen- (wait for it)-dary slovenian club MKNŽ in Ilirska Bistrica. Needles to say, there were some bleeding heads involved...

We have been waiting way to long to actually give you the news you are about to hear... we have recorded 2 songs in the end of last year and are putting them out on 10 inch vinyl. One one side you will be able to find 2 tracks from INxSANE and on the other side 2 fresh tracks from our greek compadres Despite Everything. The split 10inch vinyl will be out on various EU labels in April!!!

More details about the record soon.

So, in support of the new release we're going to journey over Europe again for a bit. Some of the dates we are doing alone and some with the aforementioned bro's from Despite Everything.... syked!!!

Here are the dates:
21.04.12 - HR - Zagreb@Attack (Medika)
22.04.12 - IT - Orbassano@Puzzle w/ DxE
23.04.12 - FR - St. Etienne@L'assommoir w/ DxE
24.04.12 - FR - Barberaz@Brin De Zinc w/ DxE
25.04.12 - FR – NEED HELP! w/ DxE
26.04.12 - FR - Tours@The Choupi Fest w/ DxE
27.04.12 - BE - Brussels@Kiko Phonie w/ DxE
28.04.12 - D - Hamburg @ TBA. w/DxE
29.04.12 - BE/NL/D - NEED HELP!
30.04.12 - D - Langenau@Kaos Keller w/ DxE
01.05.12 - D - Berlin@tba. w/ DxE
02.05.12 - PL - Swinoujscie@Jaz Club
03.05.12 - PL - Wielun@Chrash
04.05.12 - PL - Szczytno@Pompa
05.05.12 - PL - Lipowo@Punx Picknik
06.05.12 - PL - Lodz@Miejsce
07.05.12 - CZ - Praha@Cafe na Pul Cesti
08.05.12 - CZ - Ostrava@Plan B Hardcore Cafe
09.05.12 - A - WR. Neustadt@Triebwerk w/ DxE
10.05.12 - A - Graz@Sub
11.05.12 - SLO - Maribor@Mc Pekarna
12.05.12 - SLO - Murska Sobota@Mikk

As you may have noticed, there are still some dates to fill, so if you can help out please get in touch via: darioinsanebooking@gmail.com or insanebooking@hotmail.com

Any help will be much appreciated! Here's a sneak peak of the artwork:
There is also a new t-shirt design in the works. The amazing xDUDEOFDEATHx is working on it, hell yeah.

That's all for now, see you all soon!

petek, 27. januar 2012

Another nail in the coffin? Stop ACTA!

Lately we have witnessed a rise of the application of "copyrights" all over the world. The newest things on the schedule for big corporations and massive moneymakers are ACTA in the EU and SOPA in north America. Mass spying, control, restrictions, punishment, incarcerations, loss of information and basic human rights are being implied as we speak. Please take a look at the video below, share it, stand up and fight. We need to share our music, ideas, art, our information in this day and age... STOP ACTA NOW!

These unelected representatives of ours in the European parliament are taking our liberties away. One step at a time. Pissed?! Anyone!? Let us stop them now!