četrtek, 13. september 2012

Hey guys!
So we're back from the ENDLESS SUMMER TOUR 2012 and we must say that it was a blast!
All our friends in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France have once again showed that keeping the scene alive means something and that the relation between Band-Promotor-Audience is just one big comunity in wich everyone does it's part to make our lifes better.
What stroke me the most was that everywhere we were, people spoke about the situation in the world and how things are messed up in every part of the world in it's own corupt and twisted way. And as I always keep on repeating myself, it is time for a big change in this world if we want to live a happy and fair life but first we have to look at our own daily mistakes and start the revolution within our minds and actions. So let's continue to speak about what is wrong and lets to something for that!

Also I'd like to thank the guys from PURE GRAFT(uk) for organizing the whole UK tirp and all the promotors who gave us a chance to visit their homes and to see this beautiful piece of the world, especialy London, Southsea and Swansea! You guys have obviously been to a point where a warm meal saves the day and you understand what it means to make a touring band happy! THANK YOU!

All of this touring would not be as fun as it was and it defenetly wouldn't be the exact music without the pedals that we lost on punkrock holiday 1.2. But we were very lucky that our friends in GLASBENICENTER ČURIN gave us a possibility to take new pedals without even paying them first!:) p.s.: Izi, I'm coming down to the store tomorrow to pay the bill:)) I am glad that they are interested in helping small bands like us and it is again that relation that I was talking about! People helping eachother and being fair!!!
so my shout out to all the bands is: GO THERE!! They will take good care of you!

There is more!!
We have a big announcement to make! 21.12.2012 is the date when we will celebrate 15. ANNIVERSERY OF INxSANE and it's funny cause by Nostradamuses predictions it will also be the end of the world:)
We havent chosen the place yet but what we know is that it will be in or around our hometown Gornja Radgona .
There will be two and a half hours of INxSANE music - all the old embaracing shit - with a lot of guests!
There will be food, drinks, sleeping places for everyone to sleep over and of course an afterparty with the worst DJ ever till the morning lights! And after that there will be a soccer tournament the next day for the ones who survided and the ones fresh from the bed.

Well all of this is still just an ide so we better get to it! And thats why we would like to ask IF ANYBODY HAS ANYKIND OF FOOTAGE, VIDEO, POSTERS, PHOTOS WITH THE OLD SHIRTS, ANYTHING, ANYTHING that would proove INxSANEs history PLEASE SEND IT TO: insanebooking@hotmail.com

Well this is about it for a little update! we'll keep you informed with the progress of the making!
Stay true to yourself and be good to the world!

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