nedelja, 19. avgust 2012

Endless Summer Tour

Hey all,

so we're back from an awesome weekend at the Punk Rock Holiday 1.2. It was a blast. Great bands, great surrounding, great folks. Thanks to everyone that showed up at the early set we played the first day, we really appreciate your support.

So now, we have a few days to chill before we step in the van again and take another stroll around Europe. This time we'll finally be hitting the UK again. It's been a while since we've been there and it was definately time to do a batch of shows on the Island. We are going to make our way to UK through Germany, The NEtherlands, France and Belgium. Can't wait to see all the familiar faces again and meet some new ones. The UK dates are going to be with the awesome dudes from PURE GRAFT (check em out, they're bangin'). We'll also be hitting up Kafee Aloys in Eindhoven and meeting the great boys from The Ignored at the Random Fest.

Take a look at the dates:
We still have the 10 inch vinyl split with Despite Everything available. Get it while it's still hot! See you around, let's have some nice parties together!



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  1. ojla. a obstaja tale plakat u fizični obliki? bi ga mela :) tenks. katja


  3. Thank you