sreda, 02. januar 2013


Happy New Year everyone!

we've been extremely lazy with updating this site. Anyways, the celebration time is over. We had one of the best shows in our lives at the 15th anniversary on the 22.12.2012. Also the day before and the day after were something special to remember thanks to: Strike A Fire, Not Yet, Real Life Version, Harry and Low Value. Happy faces all night long.

Plans for 2013? Some. Hoping for a new record. We have some stuff in the works. It's gonna be good once we've arranged it the way we want to. Shows? Yeah, some. All of us are extremely busy doing heaps of other stuffs but be sure we'll be around. Music saves. So check back, and check the Facebook page. We will hopefully announce some shows soon.

Have a great year, thanks for the past year as it has been rich in all ways. Most of all, we wanna thank all of youu who come to the shows, listen to the music, buy our records and stuff and keep supporting us. Thanks for the unforgetable nights, days and evenings, floors, warm food and warm hearts.

We love you. Until the next time we'll see you,



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