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News, Gloriuos News

Damn. It's beena while again since we said what's going on in the INxSANE band camp... Well, first things first... we're still playing. We had an awesome show a couple of weeks ago with Burning Heads and The Rebel Assholes in the legen- (wait for it)-dary slovenian club MKNŽ in Ilirska Bistrica. Needles to say, there were some bleeding heads involved...

We have been waiting way to long to actually give you the news you are about to hear... we have recorded 2 songs in the end of last year and are putting them out on 10 inch vinyl. One one side you will be able to find 2 tracks from INxSANE and on the other side 2 fresh tracks from our greek compadres Despite Everything. The split 10inch vinyl will be out on various EU labels in April!!!

More details about the record soon.

So, in support of the new release we're going to journey over Europe again for a bit. Some of the dates we are doing alone and some with the aforementioned bro's from Despite Everything.... syked!!!

Here are the dates:
21.04.12 - HR - Zagreb@Attack (Medika)
22.04.12 - IT - Orbassano@Puzzle w/ DxE
23.04.12 - FR - St. Etienne@L'assommoir w/ DxE
24.04.12 - FR - Barberaz@Brin De Zinc w/ DxE
25.04.12 - FR – NEED HELP! w/ DxE
26.04.12 - FR - Tours@The Choupi Fest w/ DxE
27.04.12 - BE - Brussels@Kiko Phonie w/ DxE
28.04.12 - D - Hamburg @ TBA. w/DxE
29.04.12 - BE/NL/D - NEED HELP!
30.04.12 - D - Langenau@Kaos Keller w/ DxE
01.05.12 - D - Berlin@tba. w/ DxE
02.05.12 - PL - Swinoujscie@Jaz Club
03.05.12 - PL - Wielun@Chrash
04.05.12 - PL - Szczytno@Pompa
05.05.12 - PL - Lipowo@Punx Picknik
06.05.12 - PL - Lodz@Miejsce
07.05.12 - CZ - Praha@Cafe na Pul Cesti
08.05.12 - CZ - Ostrava@Plan B Hardcore Cafe
09.05.12 - A - WR. Neustadt@Triebwerk w/ DxE
10.05.12 - A - Graz@Sub
11.05.12 - SLO - Maribor@Mc Pekarna
12.05.12 - SLO - Murska Sobota@Mikk

As you may have noticed, there are still some dates to fill, so if you can help out please get in touch via: or

Any help will be much appreciated! Here's a sneak peak of the artwork:
There is also a new t-shirt design in the works. The amazing xDUDEOFDEATHx is working on it, hell yeah.

That's all for now, see you all soon!

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