sreda, 15. junij 2011


Yes, that's right! A really awesome Friday gone by. Was so nice to hang out with Astpai after a while, to see the guys from You Know?! (too bad the band is not around anymore, they were ace) and just have plain old punk fun.

We were forced out of the backstage and spent the rest of the night in the YK rehearsal space, debating with a bottle of Jim Beam (or was it Captain Morgan?Hmmm...). Thank you to the great promoters of the festival, great bands, awesome crowd and the great dudes at Astpai. We love you.

Next week we have three shows!!! Check us out playing 2 shows with Death By Stereo - on the 22nd of June (Wednesday) we're playing in Millstatt in Carinthia in Austria and on the 23rd (Thursday) we're gonna play at Gromka, Metelkova Mesto in Ljubljana. On Friday we have a show coming up in Ribnica and we're madly excited to see our punk family from Golliwog again at the Štreka Fest!

There are some new festivals confirmed for early July and we're working hard on filling the dates for the Balkan tour starting in the middle of August. We're also working hard on getting over to the states, we're gonna have a nice little tour on the East coast going down to THE FEST together with HIS DAY HAS COME (so glad I got in touch with those guys, they are like the sweetest guys ever).

So, see some of you next week, I hope you have fun this weekend, we surely will. It's hometown blues this weekend, I am going to see Gornja Radgona's first ever movie: Opel B Kadett 72
Check out the trailer:

See you all soon!

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