ponedeljek, 06. junij 2011

Wow! What a weekend!

This was by far one of the best weekends we've spent in Slovenia in a long time. First of all, we had (too) much fun on our rehearsing friday in Vrhnika. Constructive rehearsals, bottles of booze, 3 skids of the apocalypse sweating their asses off, creating new stuff. It was really, really cool.

The next day, a bit hungover but still full of enthusiasm we went on the road to Maribor. We haven't played a club gig in Maribor for at least 4 or 5 years. It was so nice to see all the familiar faces, the guys we have been growing up with in the slovenian punk rock scene. It's been a long while. It was a pleasure to see that the boys and girl from Strike A Fire are doing an amazing job. Sounds like they're having a lot of fun in the new line up, playing fast, tight and interesting. Big thumbs up!

It was so nice to see that we've got a solid following in our hometown as well. There were 5-6 cars from our hometown and it was really nice to see them sing along and enjoy themselves. I am glad to see that the "scene" is still alive and kicking and that people don't give up that easy. We had a good show and had a nice after party, needles to say we all came home when it was bright.

This week we are going to play in Austria again, in Attnag at the Pfingsspektakel together with Dog Eat Dog (say "Isms" everyone) and the ever inspiring Astpai. So it's gonna be hugs, high fives and stage dives again. See you on friday!
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