nedelja, 27. marec 2011


Well we started our little tour a couple of days ago and had a blast in Klagenfurt and yesterday night Wr. Neustadt. So many nice people and good friends surrounding us, feels like it's been ages since we've seen all the friendly faces. In Klagenfurt the guys from Generation Gap and Elvis Jackson, yesterday the Neustadtpunks... Just great. We're off to Oberwart today and tomorrow it's time for the Czech Republic. We'll be rocking the stage in Cafe na Pul Cesty in Prague. See you there.

We managed to fill up one free date on the 3rd of April and will now be playing a show in the Northwest Poland. Still looking for a show on the 7th and 21st April. Wanna help us out? Get in touch - Dario - or Máteja -

The tour motto so far: PUNKER SAM, PIZDARIJE RADIM I BOLI ME KURAC! Thank you Pasmaters, this is gold :D. (For our non balkan friends - just google translate it from croatian into your language).

See you at the shows!!!

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