četrtek, 16. december 2010


Hello peeps!

I've been pretty busy, trying to add content to this blog this past week. I've uploaded a bunch of stuff, like posters, pics, videos, links, reviews, live reviews, articles and contact information. Below (on the bottom of the blog) you are able to find logos from our record labels. Click on them to get to their websites and support the music.

There is still a lot missing and if you have anything to add, if you have any wishes on what you would like to see in the content please let me know - my email is insanebooking@hotmail.com

The distro/stuff section still looks pretty poor. The main reason is that we are all out of stuff. We'll have to print new t-shirts, we're all out of hoodies as well. We don't have any more copies of the old album "Keeping Ourselves Close To Our Hearts" at the moment, so we're pretty much left only with the new CD "Trust These Hands... Are Worthless".

Well, anyways, we are really stoked to play the show tomorrow in Županja and the day after tomorrow in Pecs. The bad news is, for the Županja gig, AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA won't be playing. None the less we will make this show a blast... like I said last time, we're celebrating 13 punk rock years with IN-SANE and Darios birthday this weekend. So it's party until we drop on the floor.

See you all this weekend!

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