torek, 28. december 2010

Update #2


well, as Dario said in the previous post, we've had a blast on the weekend of 17th and 18th December. I can't remember (literally) when I had so much fun lately. It's been a hell of a party.

In here, I want to thank my best friends for being such a huge part of my life for 13 years. Thank you Dario, Shaggie and Luka. Who would have thought in December 1997 that we would make it this far, that we would travel so many miles together, met so many people, had some many life changing experiences, put our sweat and blood on so many stages and emptied so many bottles on the way. The memories will always stay and I bet that one day we will have the chance of telling our children and grandchildren the stories and adventures of the times of our lives. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us in these past 13 years and we'll keep 'em coming, don't worry. This isn't over yet. A special thanks goes out to our families (Solenički family, Starovasnik family, Matvos family and Horvat family), to our loyal and best friends: Gezi, Bezi, Erla, Miša, Šouš, Kšela. You are the best of the best. And of course all of our friends throughout the world who keep coming to the shows, dance, sing along and scream with us.

We wish you all the best in the New Year, see you on the shows

Dario, Shaggie and Máteja

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