nedelja, 12. december 2010

Thank you and see you next week!!!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was a blast. Thank you all for coming to the show and making us feel good. Thans for the support and the nice times. Thanks to the guys from Overflow for taking us in their van and bringing us home. Thanks to Uroš from Red Five Point Star for setting up the show and making us feel welcome all the time. Thank you Trbovlje stay THC (Trbowle Hard Core)!

We still remember how good it feels to be on stage and share everything with you girls and boys. It's been an amazing 13 years so far, let's make even more, right?

We love you all, see you next week in Županja, Croatia and Pecs Hungary... Check the posters out:

Be sure to come around, because we are celebrating 13 years of playing music together, besides that it's Darios birthday bash and a party in Županja and Pecs are guaranteed!

See you all there

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  1. hi guys

    the roads are snowy, but you can reach the city. slowly but you can make it!
    take care, drive safety!